Involvement of Women in HR

Human resource management is a section of the firm that is mostly popular amongst females, because of the flexibility that they can enjoy. However, it won’t be correct to say that, due to flexibility in their profile, they enjoy liberty in work. HR is one of the important parts of the firm and holds a big responsibility. HR not only recruits the people for the firm but also helps in maintaining the communication between the employee and the management. HR makes a hassle free environment for the employees to make them feel free to discuss on any issues. Besides, giving advises, they also guide the employees with the policies of the company. The HR also plays a vital role in giving emotional support to the employees when required. An HR tackles all the issues related to the employees as well as the firm.

Involvement-of-Women-in-HRInterview Mocha is running a survey in order to gather more inputs on the involvement of women in HR. The survey envisages the qualities of a woman which makes them the best for the profile. Since, human resource management involves the skills of influencing people in order to get the maximum benefit for the company. Undoubtedly, women are very good at that. They are capable of managing all the tasks excellently even when unorganized. That’s probably the main reason why there are many women in the HR teams as compared to men. The main skills that a HR should consist of are:

  • Ability to influence others through emotional intelligence
  • Better advising and mentoring capability
  • Better ability to understand
  • More patience and tolerance
  • Multi-tasking ability
  • Money management skill

We have many women in the corporate world who have come up with all these skills and have set an example. Thus, the survey performed by interview mocha gives a clear picture that the profession of an HR is strongly recommended for women as an interesting and challenging profession. The perception is that the human resource management has always been a female job. It may be because women prefer this job more as compared to men. But if we go through the statistics carefully, this is not the case. Women have better prospect in HR. And they have successfully proved that they are capable and efficient for this profile.

Involvement of Women in HR

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